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Gastro Travelling Can Help Your Travel Based Business

Posted by on Dec 16, 2014 in Airplane, Car, More, Train, Travel | 0 comments

When you operate any kind of business based upon tourism, you know just how difficult it can be to really get people in the door. Whether you own a hotel, a restaurant, or a bar, you know just how difficult it can be to keep your revenues coming in year round. You also know how important it is to build your reputation in the local and travel communities. There are companies out there that can help you with your online content and review, but how do you know which one is really the best. Here in this article we will be taking a look and one of the industries best companies for this, Gastro Traveling.

Gastro Traveling is the travel industry’s best solution when it comes to online content for your travel based business. The professionals at this company will help your business get noticed. They will do the very best work in online content creation to help more and more potential customers learn about your business. There are many benefits of having great online content for your travel based business, and Gastro Travel will be able to help you with this unique content.

Whether you are looking for great article, social media posts, or high quality videos, Gastro Travel will be able to help you. The professionals at Gastro Travel will work with your company to create the highest quality videos and article for your company. This will give you added traffic and revenue to your business. This can be great for those slower times of the year when you are really looking for any additional traffic. You will be able to really get the financial gains in your company that you have been looking for.

There really is no risk to purchasing these services. With the 10,000 dollar guarantee you will be refunded all of your money you spent on the services if you do not see a 10,000 dollar revenue gain in your business in the next year. This is a great guarantee that will allow you rest assured that your investment is really going to pay off. Gastro Travel’s experience in the travel industry gives them the confidence that they need in order to insure these results. They have been working with company for many years and have helped them achieve just these types of results. This company knows what they are doing, and they will be able to help your business grow and thrive.

5 Must To See Tourist Attractions Florence Italy

Posted by on Nov 23, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

Florence is the capital of the Tuscany region in Italy and is internationally acclaimed for the high concentration of Renaissance architecture and art. Florence is a very beautiful city and is packed with some of the most amazing tourist attractions.

Florence was declared UNESCO World heritage Site in the year 1982 and is one city that boasts of Renaissance monuments, architecture, art galleries, museums and statues.

Tops Tourist Attractions Florence

For visitors who have good time in hand, there are many beautiful sites to explore but for the ones who do not have ample time, the best tourist attractions Florence are as follows:

Ponte Vecchio

Tourist Attractions Florence - Ponte Vecchio

Photo Credits: aliffc3

Ponte Vecchio is one of the most amazing bridges throughout the world. It was the only bridge which was not destroyed during World War II by the Germans. This is because Hitler was fond of this bridge. The bridge at present is packed with lots of souvenir and jewellery shops.

Florence Cathedral

Tourist Attractions Florence - Florence Cathedral

Photo Credits: Luca Basilio Bosi

Florence Cathedral located in Florence is called Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore officially. This cathedral features a stunningly wonderful marble facade in shades of white, green and pink along with an octagonal Renaissance dome.

Florence Baptistery

Tourist Attractions Florence - Florence Baptistery

Photo Credits:

Florence Baptistery is also known as Baptistery of Saint John, built during the 11th century, is one of the oldest buildings in Florence. The exterior of this building has been made using white and green marble featuring three sets of bronze doors. There is a marble pavement and beautiful mosaics within.

Campanile Bell Tower

Tourist Attractions Florence - Campanile Bell Tower

Photo Credits: Arnaud Velter

You will find Campanile, bell tower in Piazza del Duomo. Giotto designed the first story of the Campanile and therefore it is known as Giotto’s Campanile. There are 414 stairs which you can climb post purchasing a ticket to get great sights of the cathedral and the city of Florence.

Boboli Gardens

Tourist Attractions Florence - Boboli Gardens

Photo Credits: PJ Wesolowski

Boboli Gardens came up during the 16th century. This is an Italianesque and a beautiful garden featuring amazing fountains and statues. It ranks amongst the best Tourist Attractions Florence because of its amazing beauty and landscape.

10 Useful Tips To Travel To London On A Budget

Posted by on Nov 21, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

London is the thriving capital of England and it is also the largest metropolitan region in the United Kingdom. London attracts around 15 million visitors every year and has a reputation of being one of the most expensive holiday destinations in the world.

Though, London is considered an expensive city, there are some methods that can help you travel to London on a budget.

Tips For Travel To London On A Budget

Here are some tips to travel to London on a budget, which you need to follow for saving some extra money during your visit.

Travel To London On A Budget

Stay In A Budget Hotel Or Hostel

There are a large number of hostels, budget hotels, and B&B hotels in London that can help you in staying at extremely competitive prices.

Choose Accommodation Neighborhood Carefully

When going for cheap hostels, it is important for you to choose accommodation neighborhoods will restaurants, local pubs and some quality take-away shops.

Use Oyster Card for Travelling

The use of Oyster Card for travelling helps in cutting prices on individual rides and this comes as one of the most5 effective methods of saving money while travelling to London.

Visit Free Attractions

There are many amazing and beautiful attractions in London, which are free to visit and these can easily be visited without spending a single penny.

Affordable West End Theatre

You can enjoy a West End Theatre show without spending a lot of money by buying tickets for the show in advance. Buying in advance helps you in availing discounts.

Try Getting The London Pass

Getting hold of the London Pass will help you in getting a free entry to at least sixty popular tourist attractions in London.

Book Tickets Online

Another best way for travel to London on a budget is to book tickets online. You can always beat the queues and even save money by booking all your tickets online. These will include your airplane tickets and tickets to the popular attraction in London.

Do Not Have Food In The City Center

Try staying away from the restaurants located at the centre of the city because you will end up paying a large amount of money for your meals.

Collect Citymaps and Folders

You must try and collect Citymaps and folders because they are filled with various promotional offers.

Travel By Foot Or By Bus

Traveling by foot or by bus is relatively cheaper in comparison to the other alternatives like the trains and the taxis.

Photo Credits: Andrea Heribanova

Top 7 Belfast Places To See

Posted by on Nov 19, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

Once a very powerful and a very popular ship-manufacturing centre, presently, Belfast serves as the capital of Northern Ireland. It is also the birthplace of the world-renowned ocean liner, The Titanic. At present, the city has gone through a complete transformation and rebirth contrary to the popular belief that it is a city of conflicts.

Belfast is one of the popular tourist destinations in United Kingdom, and it is also the top tourist attraction in Ireland. The top Belfast places to see can be visited through many bus and boat tours, which are available throughout the year. The city possesses an enthralling history along with the impressive and the must-see attraction i.e. the Titanic Quarter.

Top Belfast Places To See During Your Visit

Have a look some of the top Belfast places to see, which you should not miss during your visit:

Titanic Quarter

Belfast Places To See - Titanic Quarter

Photo Credits:

This is a distinctive landmark in Belfast which is also billed as the largest titanic attraction visitor in the world. This landmark building is basically a tribute to the interesting maritime history and the Titanic of Belfast.

Waterfront Hall

Belfast Places To See - Waterfront Hall

Photo Credits:

This is a world-class conference and entertainment venue overlooking River Lagan located centrally in Belfast. It is a popular landmark that reflects Belfast’s regeneration. When the building is completely lit up at night, it appear quite impressive.

Belfast City Hall

Belfast Places To See - Belfast City Hall

Photo Credits: Mark

Belfast City Hall is a beautiful building located at Donegall Square, which is the heart of the city center. This is actually the civic building used by Belfast City Council. This place is open for public to visit on all working days and that it too for free.

Botanical Gardens

Belfast Places To See - Botanical Gardens

Photo Credits: Rooney Media

Botanical Gardens in one of the popular Belfast place to see during your visit. This is a public park, which attracts many tourists along with students and residents. This garden features many exotic tree species and flowers collections. The Palm House is a important feature in this garden, which you must visit.

Ulster Museum

Belfast Places To See - Ulster Museum

Photo Credits: David Gelsthorpe

Ulster Museum is a wonderful museum of archeology, ethnography, zoology, botany, geology, fine arts, local history, etc. This is the largest museum present in Northern Ireland. It is located in the Botanical Gardens. You can view exhibits like dinosaurs, Egyptian Mummy, rich collection of fine arts, natural sciences, etc.

Crumlin Road Gaol

Belfast Places To See - Crumlin Road Gaol

Photo Credits: Mike Bishop

This was considered one of the most advanced prisons during its days of inception in the year 1845. The prison has been designed by Charles Lanyon and it had the capacity of holding more than 500 prisoners. The prison closed in the year 1996.

Linen Hall Library

Belfast Places To See - Linen Hall Library

Photo Credits: Amanda Johnston

Linen Hall Library stands among some of the most popular Belfast places to see. It is one of the most exclusive institutions in Belfast that came up in the year 1788. It is also one of the oldest libraries in Belfast and also the last subscribing library in the whole of Ireland.

Top 5 San Diego Beach Resorts To Stay

Posted by on Nov 18, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

The lovely weather of San Diego is something that entices visitors to the beautiful San Diego beach resorts. However, it is not only the lovely weather but also the limitless attractions that serve as a good reason for visitors to pay a visit to San Diego.

All the beach resorts in San Diego are located conveniently close to some of the best sights in the area. The sunny city of San Diego serves as a home to pristine oceanfront landscape.

Best San Diego Beach Resorts

Some of the best San Diego Beach Resorts, where you can always enjoy the best of San Diego have been detailed below:

Paradise Point Resort and Spa

San Diego Beach Resorts - Paradise Point Resort and Spa

This is an opulent beach resort and spa located in San Diego offering amenities like 462 guestrooms, 4 restaurants, 5 outdoor pools and 5 spa tubs. At the beach resort, you get the chance of getting very close to animals like killer whales and dolphins.

For further information and booking: Paradise Point Resort and Spa

Blue Sea Beach Hotel

San Diego Beach Resorts - Blue Sea Beach Hotel

The Blue Sea Beach Hotel is a beachfront and a beautiful resort along with an outdoor pool located very close to the Mission Beach. The main amenities available at this hotel include 126 smoke-free guestrooms, rooftop terrace breakfast, on the beach bar and restaurant and self parking.

For additional information and booking: Blue Sea Beach Hotel

Pacific Terrace Hotel

San Diego Beach Resorts - Pacific Terrace Hotel

The location of this hotel is simply great with fabulous views along with local restaurant and bars located very close to the hotel. This is the ultimate place for you to stay in San Diego because it is quite affordable as well.

To know more and for booking: Pacific Terrace Hotel

Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa

San Diego Beach Resorts - Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa

This is another beachfront hotel in San Diego offering the best facilities to the visitors. It is one of those San Diego Beach Resorts which are known for their service and their hospitality. Located on the shores of Mission Bay in San Diego has 310 rooms and suites providing beautiful view of Pacific Ocean or tropical trees to the guests.

For booking and other information: Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa

La Valencia Hotel

San Diego Beach Resorts - La Valencia Hotel

The rooms at this hotel are simply amazing. There are king size rooms and even king villa suites. The service that the guests get at this hotel is lovely with helpful and friendly staff. This is quite a classy place with restaurants and shopping centers located very close to the hotel.

For booking and other information: La Valencia Hotel

5 Must To See Albania Tourist Attractions

Posted by on Nov 16, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

Albania is not a very well-recognized country among travelers although there are a large number of advantages that the travelers can fetch by visiting this country located on the Mediterranean Sea.

It is a paradise that awaits you with some of the most stunning Albania tourist attractions. It is less crowded and much cheaper in comparison to the other holiday destinations which are more popular among people.

People who have this strong desire of experiencing the wild charm and nature of the Mediterranean should definitely visit Albania.

Top Albania Tourist Attractions

Some of the most popular Albania tourist attractions, which you should not miss during your visit have been detailed below:


Albania Tourist Attractions - Berat

Photo Credits: Marie-Hélène Cingal

Berat is an Albanian city located on River Osum. It is also known as the “City Of Two Thousand Steps” or “One Above Another Windows”. The city is filled with many historical buildings with beautiful architecture. And it is also with many museums, mosques and churches. One important monument which you should not miss during visit to Berat is 13th century build Berat Castle.

Albanian Riviera

Albania Tourist Attractions - Albanian Riviera

Photo Credits:

This is a steep coastline found towards the southwest part of Albania and is highly comparable to Italian Riviera. The Albanian Riviera is less crowded and much quieter in comparison to Italian Riviera. The beaches here invite the visitors to go sunbathing and swimming.


Albania Tourist Attractions - Apollonia

Photo Credits: red-chuck

Apollonia is one of the popular Albania tourist attractions. This city is basically the ruins of the ancient Greek city, which was named after God Apollon. This city used to be the most important and the biggest city in the ancient world. Theatres, temples and libraries are some of the most important places to visit in this city.


Albania Tourist Attractions - Tirana

Photo Credits: Rick & Irene Butler

Tirana is the capital city of Albania and is just the ideal place to be used as a base for exploring the entire country. Tirana is a largest city in Albania, which is full of many historic landmarks. Some of the must to see places in Tirana are Tirana Castle, Petrele casle, Ethem Bey Mosque, Skanderbeg Square, National Arts Gallery, Dajti Mountain, Tirana Mosiac, etc.


Albania Tourist Attractions - Gjirokastra

Photo Credits: kathrynbullock

This is a historic town that is quite picturesque and is located in the southern part of Albania. It stands in the form of an Albanian eagle which is perched on mountain side with a mighty citadel on its head. This city has gained the status of Museum City and listed in UNESCO World Heritage sites.

5 Best Chicago Boat Trips For Sightseeing

Posted by on Nov 14, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

Chicago Boat trips are one of the best methods of exploring the famous architecture, the awesome skyline and the rich history of Chicago. Some of the best views of Chicago are perched right at the mouth of the famous Chicago River meeting the gigantic Lake Michigan.

You can get the best sights of some of the famous attractions from the deck of a cruise ship or even from the seat of a speedboat. The cockpit of a well-chosen kayak would always be one of the most suitable choices for having the sight of the famous attractions of Chicago.

Speedboat rides and architecture boat tours make for the best ways of seeing Chicago through the waters.

Chicago Boat Trips

Best Chicago Boat Trips

The best Chicago boat trips for exploring the beautiful architecture of Chicago have been illustrated below:

Chicago Line Cruise

Chicago Line Cruise is praised as the best architecture tour in Chicago and even the most engaging boat our available amongst the many boat tours in Chicago. The boat tour provides the visitors as well as the Chicagoans with stunning sights and deeper appreciation of the architectural design found in Chicago.

The Odyssey

The Odyssey boat tours give the travelers the scope of sailing down River Chicago to have a view of historical events and modern architecture in the city. At the Odyssey, travelers or visitors to Chicago are treated royally while they enjoy lakefront dining, DJ entertainment and amazing skyline views.

Seadog Speedboat Tours

Seadog generally offers narrated architectural and fun speedboat tours accommodating around 1250 passengers. The guests in this boat tour can get the enjoyment of a thirty minute lakefront speedboat ride and even a thirty minute thrilling ride.

Chicago Line Architectural Cruise

Chicago Line Architectural Cruise is one of the best Chicago boat trips for exploring the architecture in Chicago. This cruise partners with History Museum of Chicago presenting one of the most exclusive and in-depth architectural boat tours in Chicago.


With the Wendella you get the chance of exploring the architectural as well as the modern history of Chicago. Various varieties of narrated tours by professionals are provided by Wendella for exploring the history and architecture of Chicago.

Photo Credits: